UFPlanets.com Ltd.

what we do running a large community is a lot of work.

Running a large community and maintaining a good reputation is no easy feat, particularly when our user base is the Star Trek community, one of the most intelligent and knowing audiences out there. We've seen many communities over the years, whether it was by fellow fans or game companies, ruin their reputation because they don't look at what unique things they could be doing for their fans.

That's where we think we're different. Our current website for our community, at www.ufplanets.com is by no means static nor conventional. We decided not to take the easy route and instead took a risk by designing and creating an interface ourselves which Star Trek fans would recognise and grow to love.

The Logistics

We have a small group of members who we like to call professionally as 'Community Administrators' who lead "The United Federation of Planets" through its short and long term operations; in otherwords, in charge of the general direction of the community.

We then have another set of volunteers who take care of individual areas of the fleet, again, some of our most trusted individuals who understand our core values and want to work towards a better community. Below them are the usual volunteers who are extremely accomplished in being the workhorse of "The United Federation of Planets". Their work makes our members gaming experiences memorable, and we'd be lost without them.

What We Provide

Through the amount of generous donations that we receive from our members, we're able to pay for a quality dedicated server which runs the majority of services that we provide to our members. Our website, TeamSpeak server, gaming servers (including our private Minecraft server) is all run from one place to which we have complete control.

In practice, this means we're able to take out the middle man and be efficient at accommodating our members needs. Whether it's a new Star Trek gaming being released that requires a new server or some new back-end software we'd like to implement, we have complete control of our operations.

Our Aims For The Future

We've cultivated a great community over the past 10 years for Star Trek gamers, but we want to take things further than anyone before. Our direction is slowly shifting to not just be a Star Trek gaming community, but a place for all Star Trek fans to come and discuss their passion. That's why our end goal is to provide a world leading online community for fans from across the world, that understands their wants and is run by those fans themselves.

A new generation of Star Trek community is coming, want to be part of it? Get in touch here.