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Refreshing the Federation Herald

Dated 11th April 2013

We want to be serious about news and while our community project is still quite a way off from completion, we have to start somewhere and that’s why we’re shaking up our Federation Herald project. We want to be much more serious about the ‘service’ we provide to the community with our Star Trek news and we want it to be much more open for everyone to contribute.

As an informational piece, the Federation Herald is a community online publication/magazine that at present, releases seasonally to a growing audience and has communicated with and published from a variety of sources around the Star Trek Community. Whether it's the game development team at Cryptic Studios, those working on Star Trek Excalibur, academy award winning Doug Drexler or Star Trek publishing author David Mack. We've worked with them all.

Previously, just an off-shoot of our main gaming community where we only accepted volunteers from within and was primarily run with an amateur infrastructure, we’re now changing that from the bottom up. We’re now hiring from across the Star Trek community for anyone with the skill and interest for what they want to write about. Not only that, but we already have in place, a team of experienced editors and writers that will deliver the publication the Star Trek community deserve, for free.

In order to deliver a quality publication on time, we’ve implemented procedures to properly track the release of each Herald and improve upon that on every edition here on in. All of this helped, by the 3 editors, 8 members of writing staff and several content designers and assistants. With the genius of all of them, our goal is to refocus the seasonal magazine to General Star Trek News, specific Star Trek Gaming News and some highlights of what’s going on in the Sci-Fi world in general.

The Herald has in recent years, led Star Trek gaming clans to create their own tyro magazines. As always though, we want to bring something new to the table and stay several steps up. If this is something that sounds interesting, send off your details to stefano.elia@ufplanets.com. If you’re in the UFP community already, please go to our jobs board.

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