UFPlanets.com Ltd.

about us who we are and what we stand for.

While you can find our roots leading all the way back to 2002, our company was founded in June 2012 as a means to better maintain our ever growing community. While we have a small number of directors, we’re run by a large group of volunteers whose mission is to better the experience of others while in our communities or taking part in our projects.

What Our Values Are

Our primary goal has and always will be to provide the best community experience for all Star Trek fans worldwide. Over the eleven years we've been in existence on the internet, we've built up a reputation for ourselves, helped by the fact that we always aim to:

Our Plans for a Better Community

We want to provide a different experience for Star Trek users on the internet. We see many websites these days replicate each other and provide more of the same. We think, why should we have to put up with these websites, when we think we can do something better ourselves. So our main objectives include:

Our History

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